Autumn at Daegu Arboretum

It’s almost Christmas and we’re heading rapidly into the strongholds of Winter here in Daegu.  South Korea has such extreme temperatures that  Spring and Autumn are short bursts of relief and only last a maximum of three or four weeks.  Many Daegu-ites take advantage of this and head to see the gorgeous leaves bloom and fall during these short seasons.  One beautiful place to have a weekend wander is the Daegu Arboretum, a fascinating park with thousands of different plant species and lots of lovely little spots to take photographs.  It is built on what used to a landfill, making it “an excellent model of ecosystem restoration”.

Sadly I had to send my camera back to the UK for repair last week.  I feel so lost without it.  These are the last images I managed to take in 2016!

The Arboretum is easily reachable and within five minutes walk from Daegok Subway Station on Line 1 (red).

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