Welcome to The Origami Boat


As my first post  I’d like to say welcome and thanks for visiting!

The Origami Boat will bring you honest, realistically written articles based on life abroad as both an expat and as a traveller on the move.  I hope it will provide a platform on which we can share experiences, stories and knowledge and most of all that you will find it useful.  I’m excited to see where it will go and how it will evolve.  Naturally, we all change shape along the way.








  1. Hi.
    I’m jongwon, a manager of Volks Brot you know.
    You check in on my Facebook page, i’m know this website .
    Wow, surprised to read the ‘about’ tab introduction of your blog.
    my english terrible, (maybe this text wrote Google trans and Dic helps)
    Nevertheless, the text so good, i’m impressed.
    Especially liked the part that your blog named origami boat !
    also the good good text to me,
    if i used english like my first language, how long nice?!

    i’ll say ‘hello’, if we get a chance.
    maybe hello, only word i can say . haha

    it’s was hard time to write this message. but your text so much impressed .
    i’ll cheer your journey and you want convey through words and writhing a blog.

    1. Hi Jongwon! Wow thank you so much for your comment – 기분이 좋아요 ^^

      Volks Brot is my favourite cafe in Daegu. It’s the best carrot cake I ever had! I’m so pleased you like The Origami Boat. Maybe I can come by soon to take some photos and write a post about your cafe.

      Don’t worry, your English is very good. I’m impressed! I am learning Korean right now, but languages are very difficult right?!

      See you soon!


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